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Evolve Retreat

Evolve Retreat is the lovechild of Rossana Bee and Tracey Soghrati.  It began with a spoken wish between two friends. Imagine if we could inspire women to celebrate who they are. Imagine if we could give women the tools they need to evolve in the face of every challenge and blessing in their lives. Imagine if we could take women away, and give them the experience of deep connection to the parts of them that are whole and eternal. Imagine if women knew that soul by soul they could change the world.

We realized that we didn’t have to imagine it. We could create it ourselves…..so we did. Welcome to Evolve.

Evolve is purposefully designed to catalyze a metamorphosis in every participant. You will redefine your relationships to yourself, those you love, and your life’s work through daily workshops, yoga, meditation, goddess flow, and kirtan. You will find your voice, connect to your values and learn how to lead and inspire change.  You will cultivate courage, refine your boundaries and leave with a clear plan on how to continue to grow and thrive.

We have co-created this retreat with women, for women, who inspire us to stretch past our perceived limitations. They are incredible influencers, humanitarians, artists, business women and spiritual teachers. If you’re ready to join us on this journey, we are prepared to blow your mind.

Yoga Class